Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jessica in full body tattoo

good Tattoo

photos and photography by Robin Perine

Tattoo Stages

Here are my last three stages of my tattoo - or should I say my half sleeve. I know what many of you are thinking - "Joe, we knew you were nuts, but this is ridiculous?" Don't worry, this is not the result of a three-day drinking binge or a dare by Shawn, I was contemplating this for a couple years. The tattoo is a koi fish swimming upstream and morphing into a dragon. Look it up if you need more explanation - but it has some shit to do with conquering your trials and tribulations, who knows - I just thought it looked cool. And it has increased my "P" Factor lately. Chicks seem to dig it.

And recently, one girl told me that it makes her want to "Lick me". So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo, the important thing is to do research into the artist, and PAY MORE (good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good). I have one more session to add some more gray. I was upset last week because I didn't like the color but now it is growing on me.

head tattoo

What is the deal with this tattoo idea? Who did this tattoo design and why did no one talk him out of this? That skull tattoo on the back of his head is just an ugly tattoo gone bad. Notice how out of center that thing is? Maybe this tattoo artist is just a visionary and his abilities are so amazing that we can not fully grasp the awesomeness of this tattoo? Or maybe I am just being sarcastic and really think that this tattoo sucks balls! I would be willing to bet the farm that this man has “Tattoo Regret” from time to time and may wear a hat allot after children laugh and point and the green brains and 3rd grader’s drawing of a skull. I vote that this tattoo win an award of some kind! Who is with me?

woman tattoo

Photo by Justice Howard

sexy girl with tattoos art design on arm and thigh

tiger tatoo on thigh for sexy girl

full arm tattoo for sexy girl

sexy girl tattoo with tribal and flower tattoo

sexy girl tattoo with tribal and flower tattoosexy girl tribal butterfly tattoo on back body

sexy girl tattoo with tribal and flower tattoosexy girl tattoo flower on thigh

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tattoo Sleeve Style Design

Tattoo Sleeve
Tattoo Sleeves are a real alternative, permanent tattoo.You can choose to go with temporary tattoos, but only temporary.However, the Tattoo Sleeves will last for months, and which may not be sufficient while for some people, while it may too permanent for others.

Tattoo Sleeve

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tattoo Gun Design

Wide range of unique tattoo guns will meet your every need. Classic tattoo gun, tattoo guns Rotary, 3 coil up to 11 coil tattoo gun tattoo gun and iron are all available for the needs of tattoos.

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